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One important aspect to defeating the enemy in Tower Conquest is being able to counter their army line up.

For example, the Kingsmen's Rogue may be able to stealth past your front line defenses, but it can never resist attacking an Undead Radwalker once it gets there - receiving an explosive surprise. Similarly, this tactic also works to counter the Undead army's Leaper - another unit intended to bypass the front lines.

Have a particular counter you'd like to share? Comment below!



  • PilgrimPilgrim Conqueror

    Necromancers are tough. You can use the Juggernaut or Thresher to quickly destroy the little skeletons she spawns. Follow through with a Radwalker :)

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    This is not necessarily a counter but there's a thing called tempo in which you wait until the very last second to summon a lot of units to overwhelm a single unit that an opponent uses. In card games, hp is a useful resource so in this game i use it sometimes to tank some damage.

  • ScrubSauceScrubSauce Conqueror

    Why can't we post on the strategies section? It says we have no permission.

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    Yeah i noticed that as well. Only mods can post on that section. And we can only post inside the topic

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    What kinda deck do you play?

  • ScrubSauceScrubSauce Conqueror

    Atm, dark priest and the old one is my main.

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    Cool! Dark priest's attack and heal is super strong combined with old one's multidamage attack. Im assuming you are using golem as well for the early game and maybe a ninja to delay things. The last unit could be a multipurpose unit like a paladin. XD thats just me speculating though haha

  • ScrubSauceScrubSauce Conqueror

    I like dark preist since it takes care of annoying flying units. Best healer IMO.

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    Best healer definitely. The other healers dont have damage to go along with them. i'd say healer bot is the second as he is super cheap to summon.

  • petersamuelspetersamuels Conqueror

    Healer bots make advancing annoying. I'll typically use a bomber bot to one shot them while damaging incoming units, just to tenderize them a bit.

  • artistartist Conqueror

    Healer bot is by far the best healer due to his CD and cost and how much he actually heals per second.

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    I think it depends on the deck. If your tanks need a lot of mana to summon then the cooldown really wont matter all that much.

  • artistartist Conqueror
    edited November 2016

    I believe that cooldown and "mana" goes hand in hand. If something costs more in mana, the cooldown is also higher.
    Don't know if this is a linear algorithm though. Perhaps @Boastful Bannerman can confirm

  • @artist This is correct - though Rare and Epic units typically have lower cooldowns despite their relative mana cost.

  • webkokowebkoko Conqueror

    Well guys Im gonna share a secret, but don't tell anyone! ;D
    For normal I use Castle 2nd star, Tresher 2nd star, Black Knight 2nd star, Archer 2nd star, Peasant 2nd star, and of course The Old One as hero 2nd star.
    At the start:
    If I meet a runner I upg. My mana to 300 cap and send black k. first after with a delay 'cause speed inequality tresher (Tank + Dmg).
    If a suicidal bomber (ex. Radwalker, Slider) upg. until 150 mana cap and spawning a peasant to trigger away from my base.
    If a Gryphon (Flying distance combat unit) I upg. my mana to 300 wait and send a Black k. and an Archer.
    If an U.F.O. - 1.) Alone: I don't do anything because it doesn't do dmg to base, only interact w units.

    • 2.)With another enemy unit: I spawn a peasant first to (hopefully) steal it, and counter the other one with the rest of my units.
      If a fast Tank, DMG, or Cheap unit I just counter with the runner strategy.
      It's a multifunctional army dealing with most of the enemy all the time.
      I never ever did a stage even the final one's on any island more than 2 times, If I failed.
      At the Boss fights I don't conjure magic since the only thing I need is experience with this deck. The fireball is the most useful spell since It deals a lot of dmg, and hits multiple enemies in a small area.
      For PVP I just swap the Peasant with the 2nd star Radwalker for quick DMG at the point where my army is overwhelming the enemy, since The Old One is slow.
      P.S. If the mana upg. takes too long (ex. at the first stage when the space between each base is small) I just spawn my units like in the order, that I explained in the counter strategy section.
      Thank me later guys ;)
  • artistartist Conqueror

    @webkoko said:
    Well guys Im gonna share a secret, but don't tell anyone! ;D
    For normal I use Castle 2nd star, Tresher 2nd star, Black Knight 2nd star, Archer 2nd star, Peasant 2nd star, and of course The Old One as hero 2nd star.
    Thank me later guys ;)

    You should invest in another tank. If opponent has heavy tank and dmg behind, I don't think you can win.
    Radwalker can be disabled easy with Wu Jen.

  • CrisRodyCrisRody Conqueror

    Well, this is great for a bit of time, but when you get to level 40 or more, this won't work anymore
    When your enemyes have 10 levels more than you, focus will be needed.
    A Invader deck with Guardian and Newt would stop you in a blink (when they have more levels, obviously)
    A Robot deck with BFG and Terminus would give some hard time to be dealed, and this deck of yours probably won't end the battle in the time for a reward.

    To make your deck better, think about a unit who could stop the ranged enemyes, there are 4 tipes of units for this
    Jumpers, who go trought the front line and attack the back, Leaper, Rogue, Assassin Bug, Spider Bot
    The units who hit everything, Wu Jen, Bomber Bot, Ghost.
    Area damage units, the're are a lot of these, but the best ones in my opnion are BFG and Thumper, because theyr skills can hit units very far, like a ninja.
    And Pushers, there are just a few of these, and they can't properly use theyr skills all the time, but I would go with Repulsor or Tusk Wart.

    I'm realy a lazy person, so instead of having a lot of heroes to those situations upgraded, I just made my heroes(500 cost) cards be usefull.

    Every deck with a powerfull area attack or with units who hidden behind can be defeated by Void Lord or Wind God

  • warampwaramp Conqueror

    I just count on a lucky thresher death to clear the back line typically haha. And a fireball to push back the front line if it gets out of control. By then my hero is usually on the field and everything is fine.

  • MamexMamex Conqueror

    I've been playing for about five days now and have reached level 40. I've put of thought into my strategy for my main and this is what I have so far.
    Tower: Bone tower
    Minions: Shield bot, thresher, crane rider, thumper
    Boss: reaper.
    My decks is up for change as I still have a few small issues.
    Here why I chose my combo. I wanted to make a deck that was ready for absolutely anything.
    Shield bot with thresher to resist early attacks and to cut of jumpers and rogues with their low cool downs. Crane rider and thumper for aoe when I use the suck attack. Crane rider to attack air. Shield bot and thumper for a strong front line. Crane rider, thumper and shield bot because they are harder to kill (i don't use squishy back line troops as they are too easy to kill by wu jen and bypass units). Reaper because he can hang behind the front line avoiding damage and unleash his reaping ;). I don't need his zombies but they are there. Reaper also hits air helping the cranes with that. The 3 robot units because robots have a lower chance of being abducted by ufo than other units do (or so I've seen anyway XD). I don't have air so they can't be shattered by the pagoda. I'm strong against aoe because if my front line is hit with aoe reaper is safe and maybe even the cranes, and front line is tanky anyway.

    My decks best strength is the aoe combined with the bone tower suck. It annihilated any army ;).
    I have first place in every online ranking tournament since I started to prove it ;)

    Weaknesses that I'm worried about :( :
    The thresher is low hp and not good vs aoe, I only use him to eat up early rush (want to replace with something that can survive better).
    Shield bots shield can be knocked off by many things (not too worried but I'd rather not have that weakness).
    Crane rider is too easy for the sun goddess to kill. Must fix.
    Nothing wrong with reaper but I'm thinking of replacing him with wind God so that I can have a push pull push combo with the bone tower.

    I'm willing to replace anything but I want to keep an aoe with bone tower.
    What do you think? Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

  • MamexMamex Conqueror

    Sorry I've been playing for little over a week.
    Btw another weakness is that rarely I'm forced to use suck early and then it's on cool down when the enemy boss is already on the front line.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭
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    I like UFO when the enemy has a heavy tank like Terracotta, Tiger, Juggernaut, etc. UFO can take away those unit's advantages for only 225 mana. And to me, the keys to winning are to be efficient and spend less mana to do more than your enemy.

    Although you have to be careful as good counters to UFO are Necromancer, Peasant, and Pikeman as they will take the front line position and can totally stip the advantage of UFO.

    I used to like Bomber Bot to clean up long range attackers, but recently I've been rolling the dice by using Thresher instead. His DPS is awesome and he has a decent chance of Runaway Blade that does huge damage when he dies.

  • UranatoUranato Conqueror
    edited April 2017

    Team A
    Bone Tower | Shield Bot | Thresher | Archer | Tiger | Old One


    Shield Bot: A very cheap tank with a fast cool down, it is possible to have at least three to four Shield Bots at a time on the battlefield. It also has a shield, though I’m not sure whether it does reduce damage.

    Thresher: A headache for the enemy, the Thresher has lots of DPS and decent speed. Its Runaway Blade ability is OP, as only the enemy’s tanks survive if Thresher’s blade rolls down the battlefield.

    Archer: A good ranged unit, it helps me take care of air units, and also damages tanks a little.

    Tiger: A very powerful minion, I use the Tiger to clear out Thumpers, Paladins, Guardians etc. and sometimes even heroes.

    Old One: A very powerful hero with the ability to dish out area damage and deal with air units. The Old One has won me 50% of the battles I otherwise would have lost.


    Shield Bot: Sometimes Shield Bot, as a ‘tank’, can’t even survive two hits from high DPS troops (Ronin, Tiger etc.). A Shield Bot without any support is a waste of mana. Even adding to that, its shield doesn’t reduce damage. Instead, if the shield is collapsed, it receives double damage.

    Thresher: It sometimes ventures ahead of the tank, and gets killed in one hit.

    Archer: Even though it has a good range, the Archer is very fragile and deals very low damage. To take out an air unit, I have to place two of them. One Archer will simply get killed with one hit.

    Tiger: The Tiger is powerful, but has a high mana cost and cool down. It also needs a slight HP buff.

    Old One: A very powerful hero, its only weakness is that is can be quickly killed by some cards like King, Tiger etc. And if an Overseer is controlling my Old One, then I’m gone.

  • UranatoUranato Conqueror

    @Mamex said:

    Reaper because he can hang behind the front line avoiding damage and unleash his reaping ;). I don't need his zombies but they are there. Reaper also hits air helping the cranes with that.

    Why don't you use King instead of Reaper?

  • SumTingWongSumTingWong Conqueror

    Been playing for a little more then a week but I have made 3 teams that seem pretty viable for me.
    Team A: Sentinel Orb, Samurai, Repair Bot, Paladin, Black Knight, Old One.
    Team B: Factory, Repulsor, Hammer Toad, Thumper, Slug Marine, Overseer
    Team C: Pagoda, Bone Warden, Golem, Ninja, Wu Jen, Wind God

    Team A: I normally try to upgrade mana cap to 500 and throw out Old One first tossed with repair bot and just start spamming everything. If they drop something before the 500 upgrade just drop any of the 3 with repair bot. If they drop bandit then drop Knight and give some time and drop Samurai or paladin to take out bandit. If they drop wolf then just wait till wolf gets to building and drop Paladin or Samurai. If they drop a flyer then just drop Paladin. This deck is usually very overwhelming as long as your basically spamming all the units. The only way of losing here is by chance that overseer controls Old One. Sentinal Orb is a great focus dps as well. This strategy is very focused on dropping Old One as soon as possible.

    Team B: This strategy is basically spam the 4 units and using factory to drop them out faster. I tossed in Overseer but I haven't really needed to use him. I can imagine using any of the 500 cost guys for this deck. Best would prolly be Bishop but who knows.

    Team C: Still a work in progress but seems to be working pretty well. Still working on leveling up all the units here but even at a low level I was able to keep up with progress against guys with 30 lvls higher then these. Capping theme in this order Golem>Bone Warden>Ninja>Wu Jen>Wind God>Pagoda.

  • I run the death star, ninja, thrashed, Palladian, invader bug and king as hero but I'm training the hive, overseer and dark priest to use once I get their evolutions up. I would run juvgernaughf as well if I had the gems to unlock :( jug is probably the best minion in the game imo but reading this forum why do people use old one? Imo he's the weakest hero and I've never had luck with him

  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    Here are a few helpful counters to difficult enemies that I have come across while playing (current level 45):

    Archer/Ninja > Radwalker
    BFG/Crypt(tower) > Fallout(boss)
    Slider/Radwalker > Ronin
    Sentinel Orb(tower)/Terminnus 9000(boss) > Wind God(boss)

    I know there are a million more, but off the top of the head, these unit counters have been pretty consistent in their ability to win me matches.

  • milkakuh39milkakuh39 Conqueror

    Is it normal that all other players are 8 to 9 Levels above me and i loose all Matches? Iam41 now and not able to win again. This sucks.

  • hyugashyugas Conqueror

    mi equipo es:

    heroe: diosa del sol
    robot escudo
    wu jen

    soy lvl 56 recien...
    y he ganado a jugadores con lvl 62 maximo....
    claro tambien me han ganado lvl 58... pero solo cuando tienen 4 o las 5 estrellas.
    mi jugador mas fuerte tiene 3 estrellas y algunos solo 2.

    si alguno quiere ayuda... o informacion
    agreguenme al facebook

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    @milkakuh39 said:
    Is it normal that all other players are 8 to 9 Levels above me and i loose all Matches? Iam41 now and not able to win again. This sucks.

    Yes. Happens to us all. But cherish it like childhood because growing old and yearning for youth is like being level 100, no one will ever be higher level than you. It gets a little easy. So some days you think about the time where you conquered a team in arena that was 9 levels higher and you got the high score for the day even though everyone else is way higher in level than you. But I don’t miss the grind replaying the somewhat winnable map battles and getting totally stuck because you can’t win. But you can get an edge by learning the CPU moves and habits.

    God speed good fellow. Next month is right around the corner. And don’t forget to cycle your units in training throughout the day.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    @bigsaxonwitdataction said:
    but reading this forum why do people use old one? Imo he's the weakest hero and I've never had luck with him

    Dang, why everybody hate on the Old One? Bone whacker is legit. He does his job on my B team. But honestly that team is so good without him that I don’t bring him out much.

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