Update 19.00.30 is live!

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19.00.30 is now available!

Pick it up at the Play Store here!
Pick it up at the App Store here!

Build Highlights include:

  • Portals: Complete map objectives and unlock unit rewards as you explore new worlds. Each gate gives you the opportunity to obtain three rewards corresponding to the Battle objectives on each map!

  • From Deep Space… The mysterious Invader army has landed. Can you stop the invasion?

  • Rarity System: Units are now classified by rarity - Common, Rare, and Epic. Create a killer squad and dominate the competition!

Bug fix highlights:

  • Fixed an issue that made the Bone Tower unattainable
  • With the introduction of the new Invaders army, all armies have been adjusted to assure a better play experience across the board.
  • Training cost has now been updated to ENERGY instead of GOLD, and players are able to utilize their squads while they're in training

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  • RockafellerRockafeller Conqueror ✭✭

    What does it concretely change that a unit is common, rare or epic... ?

  • Boastful BannermanBoastful Bannerman Tower Warden
    edited September 2016

    @Rockafeller - The shortest answer is overall power, as represented in their stats - or their power relative to mana cost.

    Rare units will typically out-perform a Common unit for their mana cost, with Epic being the top-tier power-for-cost examples.

    Epic units also have their core ability unlocked at 1-star, giving them an additional edge against common and rare units.

  • HenkieHenkie Conqueror

    The new version looks great, the new team training is definitely an Improvement! I was wondering if we can get an overview of the stats changes of the four previous armies, to see if I need to update my tactics.

    Does the rarity of a card also effect to chance of receiving such a card from a box?

  • Boastful BannermanBoastful Bannerman Tower Warden
    edited September 2016

    @Henkie It may be a better experience to get a feel for how the units perform now (particularly as you start to collect Invader units). If you already have a rare or epic unit you haven't been using, slot it into a squad, as an example.

    There were some changes to specific units outside of stats, however, such as:

    • Bishop - The bishop no longer performs a mass heal. Instead, he shields your army from the back line.
    • BFG - The BFG's special ability has changed from a freeze effect (which was less effective than we hoped) to a much more powerful blast beam that sweeps across the battlefield that befits his Epic status.

    Rarity does effect the chance of finding them in a battlefield chests, as gate rewards, and in Rare and Epic chests in the Treasure store.

  • HenkieHenkie Conqueror

    Ok, one more question, how is it possible that players already have 4 star alien units...?

  • @Henkie - if a player purchased gems (or had a stockpile saved) upon release of the update, its' possible they purchased a chest from the store. If they were lucky they could quickly amass an army of 4-star units.

    There is another possibility, as well, but that will take some investigation against potential cheaters.

  • HenkieHenkie Conqueror

    Why are the number of cards i get from the treasure chests been reset? They have been reduced by a factor 1.5 at least :-( If I knew that I would not have upgraded to the new version. That was my primairy source of getting a lot of cards...

  • @Henkie - Are you referring to battle chests? (the chests received at the end of a map). If so, we haven't made any changes to that. Though you have a chance of getting gold as well, the card amounts should be around the same you could acquire previously.

    Additionally, there are three rewards available at the gate to further supplement your card inventory each gate you proceed to.

  • HenkieHenkie Conqueror

    Ok, yeah the addition of the gates looks cool.

    No I'm referring to the three chests under the option Treasure in the main screen of 250, 500 and 1000 diamants. Each time I bought a chest the number of cards I received for a specific chest increased. But now the number of cards have been reset to the begin values :-( which is a lot lower. Is this done on purpose?

  • @Henkie Ahh - I understand now. The ranges were indeed lowered due to the broader range (and volume) of cards you can receive through battle and gates, as well as PvP victories in order to keep the card economy balanced and not over-saturated.

  • HenkieHenkie Conqueror

    Ok, but of course this gives the players who stay on the old version (as I would have done) a major benefit in card collection.

  • @henkie Not exactly - they'd be completely excluded from the increased card drops from both gates and battle chests, as well as quest rewards and the change in training flexibility. While players who didn't immediately upgrade could potentially get more cards from the store via a purchase, they wouldn't have access to the Invader army at all, either.

    While it may seem as though you're losing out via a purchase in the short term, you benefit much more in the long run - and have access to a powerful new army. :)

  • HenkieHenkie Conqueror

    The new invader army does look cool, with new kind of skills. Very creative!

    What do you mean with increased card drops for battle chests? You mentioned in an earlier post that there were no changes there, or am I confusing things?

    Again, the new training method is definitly an improvement! Too bad the King Hero is downgraded though, he was my main hero.

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