Big changes are coming to Tower Conquest PvP Leagues...(Updated)

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We heard you – our Player-versus-Player system needed work. And so, in addition to the other exciting updates our team has brought you in Tower Conquest, we’re now overhauling the league system for more fun, challenging, and most of all, rewarding player-versus-player combat.

So what does this mean for you?

We’ve improved matchmaking to better account for your player level. That means you’ll be paired up against other players much closer to your level. To help accommodate this, leagues now unlock at Level 10 (previously level 5) to allow time for player development and unit collection.

In addition to the matchmaking updates, how scores are calculated is handled a completed new way. Instead of a flat Victory Point reward for each PvP match, each game you play awards a potential high score based on entirely new mechanics – your kill score (defeated enemies) and a Multiplier (a combo clock that counts down as you battle). As you defeat enemies, there is a chance they will drop multiplier pickups that boost it by one, allowing you to maintain a higher rating before the battle ends. Your final kill score is then multiplied by the remaining multiplier and your final score is revealed.

This means that instead of having to fight multiple battles to stay in the top of your league ladder, you may only need one really great battle to put you on the top. You may have to fight to keep your spot, but you’ll be spending a lot less time doing so. The league system also incorporates Monthly League Seasons, rolling back all players in order to start the battle anew each month.

We mentioned rewards, didn’t we?

In addition to the changes to the league ladder, we also improved the rewards you can obtain. Rare cards are available for the top 3 in addition to their reward chest. In some cases this will be the only way to obtain certain cards – so if you see something you want, fight for it!

Important Changes to take into consideration within the new leagues:

  • The previous system was comprised of 5 Trophy levels with 3 tiers apiece for a total of 15. The new system has add additional prize tiers (5 per level) for a total of 25.
  • If you were in Diamond I in the previous version, your progress may not be sufficient for the other players in that Trophy level. This is because the new system uses players in a specific level range versus the old system that allowed you to move up and always be matched against a player of around the same level. (if you'd like the be adjusted, please reach out to or contact via private message Boastful Bannerman)
  • It may be necessary to progress through maps, collect cards and level up before you can really succeed in the leagues. This is intentional - the players in the upper tiers fought their way to those levels.
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