Tower Conquest is now available WORLDWIDE! (21.00.40 Release notes)

With today's release notes, we have exciting news...

Tower Conquest is now available WORLDWIDE!


In addition to this amazing news, we've also made some great updates to the game in this release:

21.00.40 is now available!

Pick it up at the Play Store here!
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Build Highlights include:

  • Redesigned Player Leagues The player-versus-player leagues have been completely redesigned - more challenge, better matchmaking and the chance at even greater rewards!

  • Redesigned Merchants and Quests The Merchant and Quest systems have been redesigned with better deals, better rewards and more variety, refreshed daily!

Bug fix and Improvement highlights:

  • If you had previously purchased either QUEST or STORE slots, the gem value for each will be automatically refunded to you

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  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    Great update!! love the changes to pvp, definitely a little more strategic now, quest changes also (maybe just a coincidence, but it seems all quests reward gems).

    an issue I noticed is I am level 55 in Diamond2, I have played 1 rounda gainst a level 13 player and one round against a level 18 player... not sure if this is just the result of a new system being implemented and it calibrating for the first round or a result of cheaters hacking to move up..either way seemed kind of weird

  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    Also seems to be a long delay after pvp games to calculate score, froze once on my (after beating the level 18) so I had to restart...but other than the one freeze it has just been slow (10-15 seconds)

  • @emat66 The player level mismatch is definitely something we'll want to investigate further. If you come across another match like that, would you mind taking a screenshot and forwarding it to us at This may be due to players who were lower level in the previous update being carried over into the wrong tier.

  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    @Boastful Bannerman will do, won't be able to send until later today but will send some screenshots

  • motomotomotomoto Conqueror

    The new update's exp over gold gains is quite unbalanced. You now gain so much more experience to level up than gold for upkeep of troops. The gold i get from level 34-35 is just barely enough to upgrade One (1) team.

  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    @motomoto said:
    The new update's exp over gold gains is quite unbalanced. You now gain so much more experience to level up than gold for upkeep of troops. The gold i get from level 34-35 is just barely enough to upgrade One (1) team.

    agreed, decreasing the frequency of chests from every 5 matches to once a day and not buffing the chests, in combination with watching videos now offering 1/5th the gold value they used to it feels like only a matter of time before I have no gold left to upgrade my 4 armies...

    before it was nice because if I saved all my gold I would have enough to upgrade all my armies then a little left over to add some levels to troops im not using... and the excitement would grow that one day i'll be able to grind enough to be able to use any troop I wanted in any army combination I wanted

  • artistartist Conqueror

    Regarding matchmaking, I always get matchmade vs lvl 77+ and I am level 66. I can impossible win any fight. I got placed in diamond 5 after update. And I have searched for new opponents more than 30+ times.

  • @artist Since we've moved from a 15 tier system to a 25 tier system, you've been shifted into a league where players are outleveling you. I can get this adjusted for you if you'd like.

  • artistartist Conqueror

    @Boastful Bannerman said:
    @artist Since we've moved from a 15 tier system to a 25 tier system, you've been shifted into a league where players are outleveling you. I can get this adjusted for you if you'd like.

    @Boastful Bannerman, I guess that would be better for me, right? Since I can't win any fight now. I would have a chance at opponents on ~level 68.

  • @emat66 @motomoto The gold economy is something we're looking actively looking at for adjustment.

    As far as cards go (and the PvP chest in particular), while it may seem like you're losing out due to the frequency you could obtain cards in a 5 battle chest, the top 10 chest reward offers more (and better) cards overall, and the top 3 have the ability to obtain Rare or Epic cards in larger quantities as well. This change was to help incentivize the effort of tackling the challenge of PvP.

  • wutaFOOLwutaFOOL Conqueror

    Im at level 61 Diamond 1 and I have consistently been paired w level 98s-100s
    How do I even stand a chance here?

  • @wutaFOOL With the introduction of additional trophy tiers, your position will have shifted as a result. The league is also based on a level range for that tier rather than automatching to your level.

    Reach out to me via private message with your Support ID (found in your player profile under 'Support') and I can get you shifted to a tier better suited to your level.

  • franze2408franze2408 Conqueror
    edited October 2016

    pls fix the gold issue @Boastful Bannerman

  • sherwinsherwin Conqueror

    The game is already boring. You all change the things we love. I thought if i will be in the 1st place i would have a lot of epic cards or rare cards. But i receive all common cards and only few. The older version is way better. I could earn a lot more cards every 5pvp matches i won, you even remove the exp. Earned for every quest , now its very hard to level up. I could earn a lot more gold and diamonds in the older version quests. A lot of people are hating the new version, and they lack the desire to play because its boring. Please fix it. Thank you

  • franze2408franze2408 Conqueror

    i agree with that @sherwin .new version is boring. i was rank #1 a while ago and @Boastful Bannerman told us that we will receive epic cards???and all i get was a bunch of crap common cards !!

  • artistartist Conqueror

    The old version was very generous, and in this new version everything is nerfed

    -less gold received from rewards in PVP/PVE matches.
    -less gold from gold coin pickups during matches (~half)
    -No gold from winning league
    -removed gold reward for each 5 PVP battle

    -maximum 15 gems from quests/day - Compaired to previous version you could get around 30-40 gems for ONE quest and the quests were refreshed every 8h.
    -no gems from league
    -removed gem reward for each 5 PVP battle

    -Much less drops of cards from matches
    -removed cards reward for each 5 PVP battle

    -Removed experience reward from each 5 PVP battle
    Don't know exactly where else you nerfed the experience reward, but very difficult to level up now.

    -It is very dependent on the luck of getting that green+ from kills so your multiplier increases and finish as soon as possible. If you don't get any, it doesn't matter how good you do, you won't get good score.
    -The hero is not very important anymore, I barely spawn him.
    -You only need ONE good lineup - The rest is useless

    -Increased advertise videos length up to 2 minutes - was around 30s before
    -Reward from watching video is only 1000 gold now - was 6500 for me before

    note-cost of increasing heroes level has been decreased though.

  • Boastful BannermanBoastful Bannerman Tower Warden
    edited October 2016

    @sherwin @artist

    There are a few things to consider here that I hope you'll take into account: (Artist, I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your format in responding)

    - Both PVE and PVP both receive the same amount of gold/experience per battle. Previously you received much less per battle, even including pickups.
    - We are examining how to improve this system and better enhance the gold offerings and make it a more 'fair' system in what you can obtain

    - We lowered the gem costs of both store and treasure purchases, meaning the gems you earn or purchase go further
    - While we did lower the influx of gems, your purchasing power is mostly unchanged.

    - Card drops per match have not been reduced, and Tower card drops actually increased
    - Card rewards from chests for being in the top 10 of the league ladder are much better than what you could obtain in the 5-battle chest

    - PvP experience per battle now is the same as PvE - it was much lower before, which is why there was an EXP bonus in the chest.

    - While there is a luck component involved in the pickups, you can still have a great match and win a top placement
    - The cards you can receive start are rare and get better the higher you move in PvP. For example, Bronze V currently offers 15 Crypt cards, which is a rare tower unit. Bronze II offers 15 Thresher cards for the top placement. If you're receiving common cards, please send me a screenshot because my data doesn't support this.

    - in regards to the length of vidoes, this is something we'll take into consideration for length
    - we are looking to restore the amount of gold you can obtain by watching a video

    Costs to increase the levels of all units has been decreased, as well.

    The gold and gem systems (including purchases that could be made with each, were rebalanced in tandem. The cost of upgrades and purchases was adjusted down alongside the lowered income - while it may seem like it to existing players, you aren't losing out. You're just not seeing the high volume you did before. But the value is still there.

  • sherwinsherwin Conqueror

    We love the old version. Please change it back. More than have of my friends are not playing because they got bored. Everything is less now.
    I use to play more than 30 pvp games a day. I receive a lot more cards, gems and gold than the new version. Please change it back.
    Thank you.

  • @sherwin while I appreciate that you enjoyed the version previous to this one, they are more similar than they are different. The lowered gems/gold coincided with the lower cost of purchases in-game, as I explained above.

    We hope you'll continue to enjoy the game and we're sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying it as much. It's our hope that we'll continue to bring new content that might entice your interest again in the near future.

  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    @Boastful Bannerman
    I think we can pull on the diablo3 issues when it was first released... it was damn near impossible to get a legendary item, and when you did it was usually of such a low quality that it wasnt useful... to pull that here... its damn near impossible to get cards (despite what you say above... the numbers don't seem to agree with what you're saying)...and when we do get cards it is in a quantity so low it barely helps...the result for D3 was what is happening here... people were upset and bored and wanted change

    Then there's Marvel heroes (perhaps where the development team feels tower conquest was before)... the highest tier items would be falling all the time so they didn't necessarily feel special....David Breviks idea was finding loot is fun and loot pinatas are fun... which they are... comments above clearly show that people like getting gold.... if it is able to get you the exact same stuff... people rather have 1million gold than 1thousand gold... why... because 1million feels more powerful, it feels like you get alot of stuff which is fun... so even though the costs have been nerfed to coincide with the gold nerf... its the feeling that we do more than we did before but get less of a reward (ie. now we play 20 games and may or may not get a single chest in 24 hours where before we played 20 games and got 4 chests of loot explosion fun)

    From what i've seen in gaming there are a few approaches to fix an imbalance between devs and players..
    1)do what tap titans did and kill your fan base by saying "this is what we originally intended and even though it isn't fun it matches our vision... so be quiet player base"...and then when everyone stops playing your game you say "oh're right... that is fun lets put it (for those familiar with the game)

    2) bend and give in at your players will to let them design the game... probably not a good approach since there would be little continuity and no idea

    3) listen to your players, take what they say and provide numbers and logical reasoning as to why impopular decisions were made to help fanbase get into the roundtable discussions that the devs had...ultimately there is a small team of people making decisions about the game and they may have great reasoning.. like any workplace it could be possible a high up had the idea nd everyone had to agree.. but it just doesnt work in practice.

    Ways of dealing with balances:
    leave as it is
    nerf the strong aspects to bring them in line with goals (in this case devs seem to of perceived cards/gold received)
    boost the weaker points to bring them up to where the strong parts are (...not completely sure what was broken here that required fixing..maybe single player?? that case though pvp the fun mode was nerfed to make it on par with boring single player... IMHO a better approach is to improve the rewards gained from single player to make it worth playing...the previous patch adding portals and incentives for completing the 3 goals of each match (no damage, time, win) was a great step!!...and even got me playing in it..but ultimately it wasn't enough so perhaps more is needed there/ special chests/increased ingame troop drops, greater gold boosts, etc.)

    Constantly buffing does leave the problem of people completing the game... which has been done in many many games in terms fo end game content where you continue playing continue getting boosts, looking at clash royale they have a trophy system so even if you have all the cards and they are all maxed you keep playing to be ranked (maybe won't work in this game since it isn't at the same popularity level... but then again maybe it will if a real pvp is brought in)

    Final rant... in the patch notes it says that the devs listened and responded... that players were complaining about pvp...not sure where people were voicing this? I'm pretty active in the forum and on facebook and I never got the opinion this was an issue the player base wanted fixed.

    My big problem with new mode is that I can play 20 rounds... get a score of 67k...have no more energy left to play (unless I want to watch ads...which is less incentivizing when im not guaranteed anything from it).....and after spending 30-60min, fighting 20battles, I end up with 18 cards about 6hours after i'm done playing.... this is an accurate representation of the game now...

    This is in contrast to what it used to be where every 10min I would get 50-60cards and gold or diamonds... and if I played I was guaranteed an award for playing... and going pvp meant that if I played more than my opponents I would do better than them (now when some 7 year old plays once and beats me... that's annoying... I want to be rewarded for having less of a life...)...also if I watched ads (which I am more than happy to do to support games) I could watch 5 ads and get another 50-60cards +gold/diamonds... and if I took more than 5ads thats on me for taking on too tough challenges

    A possible solution is an amalgamation... I do really like how it is no longer a fixed score for winning... but I dont understand why the score doesn't accumulate so that if you play more you have a higher score...that seems like a feature was put in to drive people away from playing

    Hopefully this supplies some useful insight from a player with way too much time on his hands...
    I've tried not to speak on behalf of all players... it just sucks that this was a really good game and it is now broke

    I'm more than happy to elaborate if you would like/provide some further insight

  • artistartist Conqueror

    @Boastful Bannerman said:
    @sherwin while I appreciate that you enjoyed the version previous to this one, they are more similar than they are different. The lowered gems/gold coincided with the lower cost of purchases in-game, as I explained above.

    We hope you'll continue to enjoy the game and we're sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying it as much. It's our hope that we'll continue to bring new content that might entice your interest again in the near future.

    I have 3 friends who loved the game, they have all stopped playing since the new version came out.

  • brabra Conqueror

    Hey been playing the game for awhile loved it then the upgrade happened worst idea. Was rank 1. For like a month straight. Then ya the update. now it's based of blind luck. And now there's a time limit. The best matches where the ones that lasted. And now you don't get anything after playing 20 matches. Just fastrition. Next to no gold but way to much experience. Having 5 groups only getting 4 to 5000. In gold impossible the level up.

  • brabra Conqueror

    Will continue to play and give it a try but not sure for how long.

  • 2000best2000best Conqueror

    Wouldn't it be cool if you guys can create another category in pvp where you can fight live pvp and with a set level on your team and accompanied with appropriate reward. Ex: a low level player that's level 30 want to play live and he would get annihilated by other level 50+. To fix this and increase the fun, you set a benchmark level is capped at say 30 or 50, but the evolution would remain same.

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    Time for a New update soon that aint just grafic shit?

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