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The October League Season will be ending and the November season will begin Nov. 1st.


This means that all players standing will be reset to Bronze V, though if you performed well in the last season, you'll be given a new position by way of a head start!



  • artistartist Conqueror

    Was level 72 and got placed in gold V.
    Played vs lvl 40 and won league easy and got promoted to God IV. Now I'm against level 80 fake players.
    I'm back to the dead end.

  • ianktakahashiianktakahashi Conqueror
    edited December 2016

    What even I was a level 41 player in gold 2 and this thing sent me to silver 4 with level 90+ players what even ***** happened

  • @ianktakahashi The rollback is normal for the end of the season, but the mismatch in levels is not. Reach out to me via PM and we can get this adjusted for you.

  • So I've never been part of a forums community never really enjoyed a game to go out of a way enough, but this game is insanely enjoyable I just wish there was ways to buy stamina with gold and cheaper chest maybe ones for like 20 gems or sum with 5-10 random cards make it a little easier and cheaper for the game and I would spend actual money, but also a way to battle ur friends on Facebook or join a clan would be awesome too maybe a war featured or sum where it's evenly based ai opponents and each clan memeber has 2 attacks and the ai oppents go off players levels like day number 10 on 1 clan is lvl 12 and the other is 14 you make it 13 and so fourth and a request card features in clans would be amazing too but love the game figured I'd throw some ideas, I'm a computer engineer, figured I'd say great code too I've read it on my desktop very smooth language.

  • franciscofrancisco Conqueror

    Wow unbelievable

  • Bradt1977Bradt1977 Conqueror

    Holy cow...that whole paragraph was one sentence!

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