Patch Update 21.01.06 - Now Available!

Boastful BannermanBoastful Bannerman Tower Warden
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21.01.06 is now available!

Pick it up at the Play Store here!
Pick it up at the App Store here!

Build Highlights include:

  • Redesigned Gallery Browsing the gallery to review your units is now easier than ever with the newly redesigned Army gallery!

Bug fix and Improvement highlights:

  • The Gold Economy has been improved to provide more gold to players as they progress, and some possible Gold purchases have been made considerably cheaper

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  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    can you elaborate on what purchases are cheaper? I didn't notice anything when I looked around.

    also...any thought of putting some purchasable upgrades in to do something like increase drop rates during battle (increase likelihood of more time dropping, or increase likelihood of character cards dropping)?

  • @emat66 - edited!

    This is actually something we've been discussing internally and has exciting implications, so we'd definitely like to explore how to bring in something along those lines.

  • emat66emat66 Conqueror

    @Boastful Bannerman as im sitting here playing my mindless tapping game... had a thought... what if there was a system where the player themself had skills

    it would essentially expand on the current system how every ~20levels we unlock a training slot or a new army...except it is now like a skill system...where those milestones are on it.. but there is also 1% increase gold drop rate from pvp or 2%increase drop rate of more time in pvp...or extra second in battle (so you could start at a x11 multiplier)...could get pretty elaborate to include a pvp tree and a pve tree...could also have general things such as "army B gets a 5%damage boost" or "unlock a new army slot" or "receive 5 extra cards from pvp chests" i'm just throwing random numbers out there... you all have obviously put alot of thought into the balance of the characters so would want to proportionally increase stats with reward tier

    Could even do it as a gold or diamond buy system where after you unlock them by leveling up, you can invest premium currency to power them up (so maybe at level 40 you unlock 1%likelihood of character dropping in pvp...but then to bump it up to 2% would cost 1diamond, then to 3% would cost 3 diamonds, so on so forth)

    anyway... I thought this would be kool cause it brings the player to be a character in the game that levels up and allows you to do so without investing real money but if you wanted to reach the highest tier you would have to invest real money

    Another possible idea that I don't think would fit the best with this game style would be a prestige system where you can trade in all the stars you have (losing the characters in the process) in exchange for a new currency that can be used to buy things on the skill tree

  • kawayankawayan Conqueror

    Would it be possible to have the base stats listed before the level-up stats?

  • fullrain18fullrain18 Conqueror

    Would be nice if we could get a monthly calendar of upcoming events if there's gonna be any.

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