I stuck at battle 31-21 need help

danhxvdanhxv Conqueror

I stuck at this level. The 4 stars Ronin and crane rider kill me so quick. Any idea how to pass please help


  • That's a tough one. Those two still give me a hard time at lvl 64. What are you using against Crane Rider?

  • danhxvdanhxv Conqueror

    The problem is ronin is so tough to handle. Do you have any idea can handle ronin?

  • I use the Paladin because he is strong enough to beat him

  • danhxvdanhxv Conqueror

    The ronin shows up too quick :)

  • Well that's true. For my personal decks, I usually have to counter with my own Ronin. If I have enough time I use the deck that uses the Paladin. If it's too quick I use the deck that has the Slider. You probably don't have these units, so hopefully someone else comments

  • nicouninicouni Conqueror

    You can grab him awayvwith u f o or shield your minions with reflect tower..or use a strong minion like juggernaut..ninja also kill him she hasn any other target...the undead bomb is also useful


    Try this,use Factory,shield bot,thresher,ninja,and any tank,factory give u mana quick so u can sent out shield bot n thresher n ninja,at the start sent out shield bot then thresher to kill the Ronin so then u can use ninja to kill crane rider

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    I'd say a Thresher for the crazy Ronin and the Palladian for the crane rider - the Thresher is also important to help clear a path for the Palladian to be close enough to the crane rider to attack it ... any healer behind the Palladian helps a lot - good luck

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭
    edited February 1

    But Ronin beats Saw Guy (if no runaway blade), especially if OP is out-leveled.

    I use something crazy like Shield Guy and Golem, sent strategically to slow down Crane Lady but absorb Ronin Charge. Tower is the Sentinel Orb. UFO on special 4th spot, for just the right time to grab and maybe brainwash Ronin, who possibly may be charging. And Plague Bat because he is a bad dude that will kill crane rider of equal level (unless she heals herself) and hurt/kill Ronin as he passes by. Then send Reaper and send them to their doom with a zombie force multiplier!

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