Glitches Post-Patch

I believe there are some unintended glitches happening from the recent March 2017 update. Sliders leave behind a phantom hit box after they explode. Ronins now hestitate before attacking from a charge.


  • manthemanthe Conqueror

    Arena battles seem to be 'lopsided' again as well. I tried switching opponents 5-6 times and they actually kept getting FURTHER out of my league.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror

    New update brought a host of bugs.

    1. Some Character models are now very low res. Reaper, Samurai, Juggernaut, to name a few. Change them back. They look awful.

    2. Some menu transitions are noticeably slower. Like from fight menu back to your army slot menu.

    3. Initial loading bar at app start is now pee yellow. Gross! Change it back.

    4. Freezing Tusk Wart when he is about to perform his special ability leads to him being iced but still moves freely.

    5. After Slider explodes units still swing at him several seconds after he is gone.

    6. Some player units will just sit in the middle of the board and don't advance.

    7. Sometimes player units will advance normally then never attack.

    8. Ronin charge can be interrupted leading to no double damage. Or Ronin hesitates on charge once he meets an enemy.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror

    Another glitch I saw is kind of funny but ended up losing me the match. It isn't easy being level 70 in diamond so I laughed but then got mad. Overseer used Mind Break on my Juggernaut who was going super speed because of Factory's Robot Engineering perk. Mind Break causes the unit to retreat back towards their base. However because my Juggernaut was going super fast he kept going past my base and he never came back!

  • JoeJiggyJoeJiggy Conqueror

    It seems there is a glitch as I am level 66 and I'm placed in the arena with levels 98-100. This has been going on for the past week. Please help!

  • waltberkmanwaltberkman Conqueror

    The Crypt Tower glitch still exists. The Crypt traps my units, I destroy the gate, and my units sit there frozen and bugged out. I hate losing to an inferior team because my hero gets bugged due to people using the glitchy Crypt Tower in arena.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror

    There are a couple other infuriating glitches. One is that when Ninja is backed up to her tower and she uses her Escape power she can't be hit after that. My units just keep hitting the tower as she does her sick damage to them. She can't be hit until she moves forward.

    Slider still has HP after he explodes so units still continue to hit his ghost until the HP is drained (or a few seconds pass).

    And another glitch is similar to the crypt tower glitch you mention. Occasionally your units will just sit there and not attack. After crypt tower glitch and other random times.

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