Always win your league

HankHank Conqueror

I score an average of 1.2 million points per league day. There is definitely a trick in getting the green time orbs and how to create your teams.


  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    Yes easy to win.
    Just Need 4-5 attempts at most

  • fitzdafitzda Conqueror

    Ok all ears. How do you get more green time orbs?

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    Get lucky and don't miss any.

  • HankHank Conqueror

    Kill a creature before it hits you, it drops a green orb. kill a boss in between its attacks (a boss attacks at full strength, you then attack and kill it, it drops a green orb. These work 75% of the time. I have scored 2 million points quite a few times using this strategy.

  • itsmeeitsmee Conqueror
    edited July 2017

    Green orbs seem to be hit or miss, I think there's a chance for each orb but I doubt it's as specific as that. I've killed many enemies before they hit me and get gold, mana, etc as often as green orbs. Seems like there's a chance any orb will drop when you kill an enemy. Last month I was first place every day, while scoring over 1,000,000 and the highest I've seen anyone else do is 99x,xxx. Everyone here seems to get over 1 mill so I find it strange that I haven't really seen other people in my battle group hit those levels. Anyone else see the same thing?

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    Agree i allways Win aswell with scores above 1mill Sometimes 1.6mill.
    I though the same nöjd scores above 1 Mill i see

  • HankHank Conqueror

    Yeah, i have never seen anyone score a million in my league except me.

  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    Is there a possibility that the leagues are just for show and not actually real players' scores? I have been bumped down by other players before, but that could just be an algorithm that slowly releases higher scores to the chart as the day progresses. If I am leading the board by evening hours, I always stay in the lead until reset. If I get top score early in the day, I usually get pushed down, unless I played a few times and have a really high score. I am not playing at level 100 as you guys are, but am seeing similar "high score" behavior.

  • HankHank Conqueror

    Sounds about right.

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