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  • BlackmambaBlackmamba Conqueror

    Hey! It's been 3 days since I purcahsed gems using my cc and I sent several inbox messages to Boastful Bannerman. I also sent several emails through my yahoo to your Support Team. I am not getting any response. It's Holiday right now and don't have a chance yet going to my bank or calling them to informes I got scammed but I'm calling them tomorrow to report your site so i can file for chargeback. Good thing I am receiving text and email messages notification to notify when my credit card was charged successfully. Very bad experience. I recommend for people to continue playing your games but definitely not trust you guys buying anything like gems, gold, etc. I hope you stop scamming people. It's not really good business.

  • DAFTERDAFTER Conqueror

    Going to be doing the same if the issue is not resolved regarding my account also....

  • AnaAna Conqueror
    edited July 2017

    HELP! I am fighting poeple in the arena that are twice as strong as I am. In other words, i am at Level 56 and I am made to arena match people who are at 100 Level! Pleaseplace me in a much Lower level. Thank You

  • Bradt1977Bradt1977 Conqueror

    @Sharp Sun Goddess you don't run a very tight ship here. You made four comments in about a span of a month and then you disappeared for a year. Although I do like your title...tower warden. Does that mean you want to get your hands on my tower?

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