Relatively new to the game (lvl 37) and have a few questions

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Hey Guys,
As the title says, I am new to the game and I have a few questions:
1) Is there any way to befriend people without using Facebook?
2) I have a hard time finding news about updates, the most recent news on this thread is from December. Any suggestions for where to look? I would like to know if they are planning a release for the second character abilities in the future.
3) Is there a dedicated Reddit thread for this game? It doesn't look like there is a very strong community. I do not normally post, but I feel like this game is great and I would like to contribute to its online community, especially since it seems like it’s really lacking.
4) Does anyone have any suggestions for really unstoppable teams? There seems to be very little online when it comes to strategies. I was shown this game by a level 100 player and use his knowledge of the game to make all of my character and tower choices. Can anyone else provide some insight to what they found works really well together?

I appreciate any feedback and tips or tricks that you guys have to offer. I am looking forward to playing this game all the way to level 100 and beyond. I also hope to see more people joining this forum and engaging the community. We need our all star players to light the path and help us avoid common mistakes and misconceptions!


  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭
    1. I think Facebook is all there is for friending.

    2. Probably here is the best place for news, from the users. You'll see a lot of posts from users asking the same questions about updates but we don't hear any answers. A new company took this game over and released the latest updates a few months ago. Hopefully there is more coming.

    3. This is the only place I have found for discussion of this game that actually has replies. I checked Reddit first and found nothing but 2 posts with no replies.

    4. I believe most of it comes down to playing the game to find a combo you like and that works well, plus some dumb luck.

    When you first start out character abilities aren't really that important because of the low %. But once you are at 4 or 5 you can rely more on the abilities. For example I didn't use Cold Toad (Gun Toad) until he was 4 stars as he is useless until that time IMO. His attack and HP are pitiful but his ability is great and works awesome with my B team.

    I prefer teams with inexpensive characters. I classify 200 mana and less as inexpensive. My B team doesn't have a character over 200 and that team rocks. I have a more expensive team but they are paired with Robot Factory to get them out quicker.

    Be aware of the opposing team's strengths and abilities. Know if they rely on characters with AOE, area of effect, damage. And know their abilities and construct your team to best counter their strengths while taking advantage of their weaknesses. There is no one perfect team, it all depends on who you play. That is why you get 5 team slots and ayou can customize each one depending on the next battle.

    When making a team think of good pairs for character types (tank, light tank, high dps, ranged, AOE, etc). On my B team I send Hammer Toad first. Then I release Thresher and I time it to reach the enemy just a second after Hammer Toad gets there. That way HT takes all the damage while Thresher stays behind untouched and releases his massive dps. So timing is crucial. If you're not sending a unit then increase your mana. On my C team I build to 250 mana and send Samurai and Bone Warden out together.

    Plan for what they will send at you based on their lineup and know how you will respond to whatever they send. My Hammer Toad/Thresher combo can be thwarted by Slider and really wreck my plans because his AOE kills Thresher.

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    Läst update Was around okt-dec last year then se haven't heard shit from them.
    My guess the game is dead

    I would say in the betingning its more important to have high stars then right combo

  • itsmeeitsmee Conqueror

    Slider_bro knows his stuff! I introduced bestower to the game as I've really had fun leveling up and now enjoying the fruits of level 100. Also I really wanted to have someone else to talk to about the game lol. It really comes down to having a team for every situation. I don't have a team that can't kill a flying unit, you need a team that has a flying unit against the thresher or bfg so they don't get wiped out etc. there are definitely teams that work well and some that leave too many weaknesses exposed. Most players are smart enough to diversify a bit but it really comes down to knowing what each units strengths and weaknesses are. And as slider said, timing can be the difference between winning and losing battles. Get caught at the wrong time or sending the wrong unit out first can be all the difference

    I have been staying away from high cost units myself lately. While they definitely have benefits sending them out at the wrong time can turn the tide of a battle. I also made a team of 200 max and it is fun, but doesn't win every battle. no team does! I prefer to have a 100-125 a 175-200, 225-250, and then a 275-350. Obviously you can go a little higher or lower but it's usually good to have some versatility.

    I also always try and have a line breaker. Something that can get to the squishy guys behind the line. Bfg and thresher are good for that. For teams that don't have one, I like the marine slug for crowd control or some other unit that can damage everyone on the line. Long story short just put some thought into a team and imagine scenarios and you'll be ok!

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    I use
    Sentinel orb
    With these i can beat pretty much anything .
    Sometimes i tweak the team.

    Ny second team is
    Dark Priest

  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    I really appreciate all of the tips and answers to my thread guys. I will continue to level up with the higher star characters for now and switch to better combinations later when I have more options. I will certainly try your suggestions and love that you have included information about how some characters counter others (such as Slider countering Hammer/Toad Thresher). I wonder, if we work together, if we can create a spreadsheet that shows what characters counter each other (similar to Pokemon charts).

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    I never really cared much about counter heroes.
    Only thing when i meet tresher or that White tiger i Sometimes use flying units.
    Else i pretty much never change setup.
    I got 1 team cover tresher and those steleth units and on tank setup.

    Sure all my heroes is lvl 100 and maxad out.
    Arm i am at lvl 167

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    My A team is

    Shield Bot
    Plague Bat
    Reaper boss
    Sentinel Orb tower

    This team serves its purpose well. Two cheap tanks that can be quickly replaced. UFO to take out their heavy tanks quickly. And Plague Bat to put down massive damage including his AOE acid damage. In my opinion Bat is overpowered and that's why he is on my A team lol.

    My B team is

    Hammer Toad
    Ninja (my favorite character of all if I had to choose)
    Cold Toad
    Old One boss
    Cherry Blossom tower

    This team wrecks

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror
    edited February 3

    any new popular teams now?

    lately I've been using

    medic bot
    old one

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    My C team is:

    Bone Warden
    Sun Godess boss
    Cathedral tower

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    are they all 100/5-star?

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    Mine are, yes.

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    my primary team is 5/100 and the tower and boss are both 4/100

    takes a while to get there

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