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I tried to buy some gems and I only got 2 out of 3 of them. I then tried to contact support but when I clicked the button to email them nothing happened what can I do?


  • AnaAna Conqueror
    edited July 2017

    `I didn't get my Purchase of 525 gems either. When will I get them?
    The charge is on my CC already.

  • waxpoetikwaxpoetik Conqueror
    edited July 2017

    Same here!! I purchased the $20 1100 gems package and nothing!! What's even more interesting is a spent over thousand of my own gems to upgrade one of the characters and it never registered! So pissed! I like this game too so I thought I would support. Very frustrating. They better fix it soon otherwise I am raising all hell.

  • santiz82santiz82 Conqueror

    I purchased the gem tower two days ago. Today 50 of my gems disappeared...

  • NewtbagNewtbag Conqueror

    I spent $5 three times. Thought it was a fluke or something. Nope. Charged my account three times. All posted. No gems. All because of playing catch-up for losing my original account in the first place.

  • dennisvdbdennisvdb Conqueror

    i also have that problem. bought thr medieval mayham package and did not recieved it. i was able to send a email tho

  • malva316malva316 Conqueror

    spent 10 gems with 2 different teams (10gems with cathedral and ten with flame throwing tower) to carry on the game, I couldn't use the tower's attack with either tower.
    Also: have spent 10€ twice to purchase the special discounted pack "double or nothing". The transaction got carried out monetarily (I have been charged with the sum) but didn't receive gems or cards.
    Further: "starter pack" or "double or nothing" packs can no longer be purchased (luckily at least the money doesn't get charged).

    Am really starting to get pissed off

  • winddenwindden Conqueror

    Я купил пакет кристалов за 309 руб. Ничего не пришло, исправьте!

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