I didn't get the 525 gems I just Purchased

AnaAna Conqueror

Regarding 071617TowerConquestPurchase of 525Gems

I Didn’t get the 525 gems I just Purchased.
The Charge is showing up on my CC already.
Transaction ID:81HPQCLDBW

When will I get them?


  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    It looks like this is a known issue that other players have reported previously. I have a RL friend who purchased gems and received them, but at the same time I have seen at least 2 other posts regarding people not receiving their gems. In another post (I saw your comment there) the individual received 2 out of his 3 purchases. I have also seen reports that the game no longer works after purchasing gems. At this point, I believe that you will only want to purchase gems at your own risk.

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