Gifting to friends not working

Hey all,

So, over the past week or so, I've discovered that while I can send gifts to friends, I can't get anything in return. My wife will sometimes get multiple gifts from me (but nothing normal. I'll send her a gift, and it'll register 35 from me). Any ideas on what is causing this?


  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    No idea. :( Luck be a lady tonight.

  • kbarn0200kbarn0200 Conqueror

    This is happening to me as well..also I can't remove friends who aren't playing anymore..

  • kbarn0200kbarn0200 Conqueror

    mine as well..i can gift but i can't recieve..also can't remove friends who are inactive

  • Bradt1977Bradt1977 Conqueror

    As soon as i log into Facebook via the game, it crashes...and then keeps crashing at the loading screen. I have to uninstall and reinstall and just not sign into Facebook, which means no friends chests.

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