Restart button, just please, add it already.

Like the title says, why there is no a restart button during the battle? If the enemy ronin screws me at the beginning of the battle (he procs his courage for example) i want to restart the damn battle (with the chance of changing the squad). Why i have to quit > loading > click map > loading > choose battle > loading > battle again? So frustrating, no simple option like a restart really. Loadings are so long at the mobile experience (xperia z3, was playing at htc one ealier, same, the game is not on sd card). The revive button is annoying also and hey, if i click to revive or refresh the trainning time with gems, please add a warning something like ''do you really want to spend gems on this'' or something, few times i accidently revived hopeless battle or refreshed the trainning time for no reason.



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