The Matches are becoming too difficult to win, again

AnaAna Conqueror

The Matches are becoming too difficult to win, again.
A lot of my Matches are 2 to 4 levels higher
than my levels. I am presently stuck in one

Also the Arena level matches are too high, as well,
making it not so fun to play, and a waste of time.

Please Help, make it Fun again, lower the levels
in both matches, Thank you


  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    Just raise in lvl its easier then.
    Man matches have allways been a bit higher lvl and never been a issue.
    With same lvl its to easy and no fun really.
    Once you get 100 it get to easy

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    Get gud.

  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    Try arena again, if you wait to play arena, people will level up and leave you playing much lower level players. I am currently level 53 and playing against level 28's in arena getting 200+ exp per game.

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