Am I Power Leveling Too Much?

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Just joined the forum :)

Was poking around for some deck advice but nothing seems to work for me, and I need help.

I suffer from a severe power creep in the campaign, meeting AI at my level (Level 28) or higher, but with each unit donning 2 or 3 stars, which I simply cannot defeat. I am at 13-25 there is this impossible, annoying deck I cannot defeat. 3* Crane Rider, 3* Ronin, 2* Tiger, 2* Wu Jen and 2* Wind God, all of which are Level 33. I have tried everything I possibly can that I have found on this forum, but nothing seems to work.

I tried tank approaches with Tiger, Hammer Toad or Shield Bot, but they just get ripped by the high-damage Tiger and Ronin (and it's infuriating when you see him charging in sometimes xd).

I have tried rushes with Slider, Thresher, which can defeat Ronin, but they are all too squishy and fall victim to the Crane Rider. To deal with it, it is necessary I have an anti-air unit, such as Ninja, Slug Marine or BFG, all of which are still too squishy and just when I take down a Crane Rider, Ronins and Tigers overwhelm me.

The damage output is too high and my Old One dies too fast, some damage being unavoidable too (Wu Jen, who sticks at the back out of range of the Old One's AOE, and shielded by his friends). To make matters worse, Wind God is constantly preventing any of my units from attacking. And just when he is on the smallest bar of health left... the other units have already pushed up. It's a vicious cycle, I have tried a mixture of everything possible, but I'm afraid I'm at my wits' end. This is truly one of the most perplexing opponents I have seen.

Are there any tips to tackle a deck like this? Or am I just too low level...

Thanks for any help :p


  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    Yes at Some point if you do to much map you lvl up to slow.
    Do more arena to keep same on map

  • ShandrokShandrok Conqueror
    edited September 2017

    Using a linebreaker such as rogue will help with the wu jen, then a standard tank with thresher and ninja should do the trick, but yeah, level up in the arena and don't forget to train your units.

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