Crypt Bug

senpaikushsenpaikush Conqueror


Was considering posting this under the Technical Support side but it seems to be full of phone hanging complaints and gems stuff so whatever I guess.

There is an annoying bug with the Crypt's tower ability that happens every once in a while. Basically what would happen is your unit will be frozen prior to the destruction of the cage. Strangely, though they cannot attack, they seem to be ignored by enemy units too, just like phantoms standing there. It's really irritating to see your hero just standing there and not attacking, but never get killed. Although once, after around a minute, my hero somehow "awoke" and continued attacking.

I thought at first that it was maybe a client-side bug, and it would not be that much of a problem. But I just lost an arena match with TWO of my Old Ones frozen at once, but not killed, because the opponent's Crypt cage ability was glitched. And if this bug can be replicated twice in one match, I doubt it's a problem on my end.

Have some of you guys faced this problem? I hope the developers fix it. :/

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