“Unranked” status

PatriciaPatricia Conqueror

Can someone explain why an “unranked” can defeat you, but then they’re not promoted to a “numbered” rank in the lineup....they stay “unranked”. And why can I get such a big score from defeating an “unranked”?


  • PatriciaPatricia Conqueror

    Bueller? Bueller? Thanks guys....good talk

  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    The people you are competing against are computer controlled copies of another players team. Unless they actually go into the arena and compete against other players teams, they will not increase in rank for the day.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    It only goes one way. When you are defeated in arena you move on to the next team on the list and try again. You’re not actually playing against another human. You are playing against the computer that is controlling the A team of another person in your division.

  • MrMultiverseMrMultiverse Conqueror

    It's quite simple once you understand the number system for raising ranks. A unranked character is just someone in your current league that has not participated in a battle yet that day. They are at the same league and we need to keep in mind PvP points do not accumulate during the day - it's only uses the highest point value from defeating a opponent that day. For example - If I defeat someone (First battle of the day or last, does not matter) and lets say I get 80k worth of points, my next battle has to be higher than 80k or I just get the gold and exp points from the match but raise no higher in my league rank until I can top 80k in one battle. So sadly if I get another 80k from a match, I do not get to reach 160k total in the ranks - hence why a unranked player can fight someone once and get to number 1 lickety-split. Hope I explained that correctly and it helps clear things up a bit, cheers!

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