New owner of the game

DashivasDashivas Conqueror

Seams the game been sold so New owner.
Wonder when New stuff Will apear.
Allready dropped playing more or less just checking once a Week if New stuff is out


  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    Where did you see that a new owner picked it up? I do see that there had been updates, but nothing really new except new ways to earn cards/gems/gold.

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    I asked and they Said they first fix bugs and stuff before update

  • BestowerBestower Conqueror

    Who did you ask? How do you know it was sold? This is good news.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    As far as I know new owners came several months ago. They promptly replaced the awesome initial loading screen art with the goofy stuff you see today.

    And on that topic. What’s up with the updates that only seem to bring unwanted and ugly changes to the art in random places? Like the card color, level up animation, and card level number background.

    Yo, devs? Don’t change the art in odd places. Add characters or abilities. Not some dumb gem tower.

  • DashivasDashivas Conqueror

    I sent a ticket and asked about update then they told me this .

    And Yes i agree we Need a real update not these small useless once

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭
    edited October 2017

    The new ‘pick X out of 5 cards’ thing after each map battle is messed up too. Either make it faster or get rid of it. It isn’t worth the time for just a few cards here and there. Takes too long for the process to load and animate. It’s on screen too long.

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