double rewards not being rewarded

double rewards are not being rewarded after watching the ad. I compared my xp bar before and after wins and not once has the xp for that fight doubled. Before a fight I was at 473 xp, won the fight that reward 109 xp. I watched an ad to double my rewards which should have been 218 xp earned. Instead after viewing my profile in the menu my xp only read 582 xp, which means I was only rewarded 109 xp instead of the 218 xp that I watched an ad for.


  • NewtbagNewtbag Conqueror

    I'm having the same problem. It worked great before. Wondering if it's from an update

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    the double is for gold only, not XP

    however, I believe it's always a good idea to watch every doubling video you can, the extra gold gives you an advantage

    also, the doubling videos don't count against your daily 25 video limit

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