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I don't like the way with the current ranking system in this current game patch. Some squads have so strong cards that the opponent team is wiped out in just few secs. But the score is soo less that, the winning player ends up with lesser ranks, which is a huge disappointment. I say, it would be much better with trophy points (trophy system), and not with score points (which is the current system). By trophy system, i think good players will be awarded with higher ranks, which they deserve. I sincerely hope, they fix this soon.


  • LirialysLirialys Conqueror
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    Rank system is really good atm.
    You find the anwser in your question.

    "Opponent team is wiped out in just few secs"

    If you play like you would against realm opponents you will always do that.
    Try to keep opponent alive to grow in score.

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