Cannot claim cards at the portal

For some reason I cannot claim the cards for unharmed win and within time limit at the portal. This happened today after some update. I did all missions with 3 stars. It just says "You must complete this and this to claim your reward".


  • SodadudeSodadude Conqueror

    I'm having same issue, uninstalled and reinstalled, no fix.
    The game also lags sometimes when playing offline, especially when im using tower to freeze enemies, i dont know if thats related though.

  • BiostormBiostorm Conqueror

    So I went to redo some of the missions and the unharmed one unlocked... Is it a visual bug or something?

  • grootiedgrootied Conqueror

    Happend to me too. But when I tapped about 1 cm under the card, I did get it.

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror
    edited February 3

    I believe this problem was fixed, it hasn't happened to me in a while

    although, going through the portal automatically gives you any unclaimed portal cards and any unopened chests from that series

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    I never saw the issue until this last update. But Scroteam is right, they are automatically collected when going through the portal now. I’m glad they made it that way, much best.

  • kypphoenixkypphoenix Conqueror

    I have the same issue. I don’t want to lose those cards by going through the portal so can’t progress in the game.

  • kypphoenixkypphoenix Conqueror

    Lol. Read the other posts and collected everything by going through the portal.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    If they updated. I know some people don’t want to update because they would lose the card picker at the end of each map battle.

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