BiostormBiostorm Conqueror

Can you fix the arena matchmaking in this game? I'm currently level 57 with few 4 star units. My current opponents are level 65 +. HOW THE HELL DO I COMPETE WITH THAT?


  • Just keep playing and you will win . I'm level 43 with 5 star units and ranked 1# in Gold level 1 all my opponents are at level 55+. By the way , ranking system is your killing score * #_time green counter left , so you should be fast and kill strong units to have as much you can of time green counter .

  • DamiosDamios Conqueror

    Try mine and see if you will win. Current arena, me-68, them 98 and up.
    I would love to hear any strategy for that.

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    that happens from time to time - play through it, it's worth it and will get better

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