Arena matching making/arena battles

Not sure how your match making system works in arena, but seems regardless of what tier arena it is, I'm up against players 10 - 15 levels above my level. You should have it level limited, for example 30 - 39 regardless of what tier you are. This way it will keep it reasonably fair for the lower players as they will eventually come against players closer to their levels.

Also whilst battling the other players it appears there is no cost factor being taken into account on the opponents side. Watching multiple troops being dropped one after the other even when they are expensive, only to see the boss being deployed, Then to see the tower ability being used immediately on its cool down.

Certainly creates a struggle to gain a spot on the ladder specially if your against an opponent 10 levels above you


  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror
    edited February 3

    something is different with the last update and arena matching

    I'm level 100 and every arena match I've played today has been against level 49-61

    I'm usually matched against 98-100

    I send out a single 5 star thresher and it clears the entire enemy army and takes down the enemy tower in 2 hits while still at 90% health

    that might sound like a fun easy match, but it's difficult to get a high arena score even with a 10x time multiplier

    anyone else having this happen?

  • EvilDigitEvilDigit Conqueror

    This alone is driving me crazy .. Im level 63 and is constantly being put againts +15 levels.

  • slider_broslider_bro Conqueror ✭✭

    The good news is this will force you to craft great teams and hone your skills. So when you are level 100 it will seem easy fighting against thee same level.

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