arena multiplier

hi, I play the arenas daily in the level 100 group - always trying for 1st place :) it's been a lot of fun

I'm a player that enjoys getting the highest score possible, usually by a truly epic battle where I'm on boss 3 or 4 and I can tell it's going to be a great score before it's even over

the arena multiplier being linked to my tower health has ruined this for me several times

besides that, I know that many more epic battles were just surrendered by me after a super Ronin first strike or the tower being hit by the sentinel orb or damaged by a slider from the Hive Pylon and then all I want is to start another round

in the map battles, I've played just to get the time bonus where I already have the undamaged bonus - in some games my tower is heavily damaged and I end up winning the hard way and I consider those great battles - but in the arena, as soon as my tower is damaged the multiplier is screwed and I don't care about that battle

game dev, will you please consider removing the tower damage/arena multiplier link? thanks

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