I challenge any players to take my throne .

As a developer I think it's good to add new Characters and I think level should be infinite . I'm now at level 100 Diamond tier 1 and I always score more than 5M . My account is GoodMenace68.. and I challenge any players to take my throne .
I'm #1 of all time now ..... by the way , I can score any numbers I want .


  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    wow I'd love to see a replay of a 5M game, my best so far is 1.5M and that was an epic battle ... I believe the throne is yours, don't fart it up too bad, I'll challenge you in a couple months when my deck is all 5-star :)

  • ScroteamScroteam Conqueror

    also, I agree about levels being infinite ... or at least doubling it to 200

    also I think the arenas should go to level 31 where the final arena can only be gotten to by advancing every day in that month

    this game is already very good and has room for a lot of potential evolution

  • 5M is nothing .
    I can score 999,999,999 easily .
    But my real score were 2.2M .

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