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Sharp Sun GoddessSharp Sun Goddess Tower Warden
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Though we actively welcome you to post and share and discuss any technical issues here in this forum, you are also welcome to contact our support team at

Thank you for playing!
-The Tower Conquest Team


  • sheroganesherogane Conqueror

    Pls fix my arena im lvl 53 and opponents are 100

  • tyler1735tyler1735 Conqueror

    It says the link is invalid

  • kamakazikamakazi Conqueror

    I have internet but battle round will not load? It just says calculating? Wifi or LTE still don't work. Please help!

  • kamakazikamakazi Conqueror

    And yes link also says invalid for me too?

  • castelow13castelow13 Conqueror

    It's not a link people, it's an email address and drop off the final period, that should not have been included in the hyperlink :smiley:

  • Bradt1977Bradt1977 Conqueror

    Are you guys sure you're not just being called an invalid?

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