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  • Without shield the damage taken is doubled.
  • Yes, I see your point. I believe that Tango can solve it in a good way.
  • I don't think that if a healer heals the juggernaut he will come back to life. He has to "activate" his own ability for this to happen.
  • Good idea! Every great empire is a good idea, viking, Rome empire, Egyptian, ottomans, etc. Or why not just animals ; dinosaurs, bugs... The list can be endless and I assume that Tango already had several brain storms regarding this.
  • @JohnSnow said: What I find frustrating is the stupid scoring system. If you crush your opponent in 25 seconds, too bad, you rank 15th for your performance. If you take 2 minutes to win, you rank 10th. If you manage stall the game for around 70 s…
  • You could keep the energy on 5 fighting lineups, and no energy on the other ones. When you reach level 75+ you will probably see its not that easy to take out train and proceed. I'm currently level 91 and fighting with my 5 stars on 5 different li…
  • My Rush team: Factory, Ronin and shield bot. I'm high level with 5 star shield bot and the other two are 4 stars.
  • @webkoko said: Well guys Im gonna share a secret, but don't tell anyone! ;D For normal I use Castle 2nd star, Tresher 2nd star, Black Knight 2nd star, Archer 2nd star, Peasant 2nd star, and of course The Old One as hero 2nd star. Thank me l…
  • @Tower_Stomper said: This sounds unnecessarily convoluted. I can assure you that I personally don't have issues with 5-stars being granted cards in training - I'd wager a guess that most average players don't have this concern, either. If…
  • How is the matchmaking system suppose to work? Im matchmade against level 86-92
  • Im also on my way to stop playing this game if nothing is done on the league. I am in a league where all opponents are what admins think should be the best opponents at that stage. But their prediction is at the moment wrong, very wrong. I have …
  • I believe that cooldown and "mana" goes hand in hand. If something costs more in mana, the cooldown is also higher. Don't know if this is a linear algorithm though. Perhaps @Boastful Bannerman can confirm
  • Very much fake, but admins wont admit it. I have posted this several times before. There are several reasons why I believe it is: -One is that I have seen level 60ish with 5 star reaper (2000 cards needed to go from 4 star to 5). -Another is t…
  • Don't think that is an option at the moment.
  • If I win, slow or fast, but don't get any multiplier I will never get in top 15 in league. Please enlighten me how to get the scores better without multiplier since I have missed it. I could stall the win and just kill champs over and over again, …
  • Healer bot is by far the best healer due to his CD and cost and how much he actually heals per second.
  • @CrisRody said: There is and card, of a little magic guy who hits everyone on my team, he is good? He hits flying? He is good if you can keep him alive because he is expensive and fragile.
  • @dang said: I agree with the poster. Something has got to change. I got to diamond 5 at level 72 and now I am lucky if I can win one pvp battle in a day. The game is pointless if you lose every battle and are awarded with like 95 exp. Now I have …
  • You need luck with multipliers, that's it.
  • @Tamori said: Thanks for the detailed reply. I will only address the main point, i.e. that you can get pretty stuck, since I think you underestimate how serious this problem is and how it's impeding the progress of many high-level players …
  • Yes, portal 17. All objectives finished, can enter 18.
  • I'm at PVE stage 17, have finished all objectives and can continue to 18 but won't until I replayed all stages 3 times to get the experience. After 3 times the experience is 196 per stage, and that is to little.
  • Thresher has low hp as mentioned and is in the front with tank. A unit with aoe dmg kills him quite fast (like BFG or gryphon) while attacking the tank. The bomber unit can also be countered, by 2 archers or gryphon or Pagoda tower.
  • Okay, ill try to continue on PVE. Couldnt pass some stages, will give it a go again.
  • It's difficult to win against 3 levels above, 6-7 levels above is impossible. In PVE I'm at portal 16, opponents are 5 stars epic and 2-4 levels above mine. That is very difficult to win. I can't win PVE nor PVP. Please show me how to win vs …
  • @kawayan said: I think the system right now works fine as it encourages players to finish all objectives before passing through the portal. Totally agree, dont like the idea to go back to lower difficulties since then you would just skip …
  • that is not totally true @Boastful Bannerman, you can be lower level and face higher levels player. 1 friend (can send screenshot if needed) is level 41, playing vs level 51. His latest message to me was: "Okay, now we wait another month for rese…
  • I can't win any games, any news @Boastful Bannerman?
  • Was level 72 and got placed in gold V (previously diamond V) . Played vs lvl 40 and won league easy and got promoted to Gold IV. Now I'm against level 80 fake players. I'm back to the dead end
  • Was level 72 and got placed in gold V. Played vs lvl 40 and won league easy and got promoted to God IV. Now I'm against level 80 fake players. I'm back to the dead end.